about the friends

about the friends

The Friends of the Great Victoria Desert Parks was formed in March 1994. The group is affiliated with Friends of Parks Inc and operates under a memorandum of understanding with the South Australian Department for Environment and Water (DEW). We are supported by DEW staff in Ceduna and Adelaide and by the Ceduna-based Alinytjara Wilurara Natural Resources Management Board (AWNRM). Our activities are planned with them and approved by the traditional owners of the area. Our members come from all walks of life. Some are retired and some are in full-time or part-time work. All have a passion for the bush and a keen interest in natural and cultural history. Several members have skills in identifying flora and fauna, and this knowledge is shared on our field trips.

This brief slideshow of Friends’ activities may be paused by hovering the cursor over an image. A longer slideshow of the Friends at work can be found on the Field Trips page.




The aims of the Friends of the Great Victoria Desert Parks are to provide voluntary assistance to DEW and AWNRM staff in caring for the parks and reserves in the South Australian section of the Great Victoria Desert and to promote and provide educational material on the Great Victoria Desert region to the general public


While the field work in the Desert is our main focus, we have published Shrubs and Trees of the Great Victoria Desert, a field guide to the vegetation of the GVD.


Membership is open to all at $25 per year for individuals or families. Please email the treasurer to join. If you join after the end of September, your membership will be current until the end of the following year.


We only have three general meetings per year, so this is a great group to join! See the Home Page for the date of the next meeting.

Information Sheet

Find out more about the Friends of the GVD from our Information Sheet (250 KB .pdf file).