Field Trip 2005

2005 Field Trip to Serpentine Lakes via Maralinga

The main purpose of the 2005 field trip was to conduct “road testing” of the plant descriptions and photography for our book, Shrubs and Trees of the Great Victoria Desert, which was published in 2006. Specimens were also collected for the State Herbarium. In addition to these tasks, we cut back 30 to 40 kilometres of overhanging roadside vegetation, cleaned up a dozen or so campsites and checked our interpretative trail signs for accuracy and condition following major fires.

Links with the traditional owners were enhanced during a visit to the Oak Valley Community where we were shown the school and aged care centre. Our knowledge and understanding of the area was further extended by a tour of the Maralinga village and atomic test sites.

The Friends worked under the very able direction of Senior Ranger Brett Dalzell from the DEH Ceduna Office.

Full details may be found in the 2005 Field Trip Report.